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  • sandbox time-lapse reel ’06

    sandbox time-lapse reel ’06

    This is my old time-lapse reel from way back in 2006. I’ve not updated it in part due to the amazing projects that have kept me busy in the past 5 years, but also because my old site was flash based, which was a huge pain in the ass to update! I think the decision to make the new site blog based will make updating much smoother. New reels will be appearing now that the blog is up and running [...]

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  • 9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    ARE WE SAFER? In this final excerpt, David Murfee Faulk, former NSA Voice Interceptor, turned whistle-blower, tells of finding translators not meeting minimum language skills. We also hear of the US intelligence budget doubling from pre-911 days to 50 billion dollars by 2008. NSA’s portion is believed to be over 1/3rd. The balance of where foreign intelligence stops and US domestic intelligence starts is questioned. Jim Bamford points out that NSA had all the information it needed to stop the [...]

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  • FUEL – WINNER Sundance 2008

    FUEL – WINNER Sundance 2008

    FUEL is a film about alternative fuel and how your choice of fuel has huge political, social, cultural and health ramifications. FUEL won the Sundance Best Documentary Audience Award (2008) with 11 standing ovations at the 11 screenings. Being a Co-Producer on FUEL was a thrilling experience; the chance to dive into something you really care about and see it find an energized audience is exactly what I am in this game for. I was first brought into the project [...]

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  • Motion – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

    Motion – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

    This piece was part of the 2005 year-long installation called: LA: Light/Motion/Dreams. There were a total of eight rooms in this exhibition, each with video and audio installations, all of which I had some hand in. Unique exhibit formats were used throughout, with an especially captivating design format for the short films looking at LA through the prisms of Light and Motion. While it is complicated to display these experiential installations here, a few still can help visualize.     [...]

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  • Porsche Cayenne – Dreams

    Porsche Cayenne – Dreams

    I edited, color corrected and finished this short film created for the Porsche Cayenne launch, originally projected at the 2003 LA Auto Show. Lance Richter was the Producer, Chris Do the Graphic Designer, and Larry Embry did sound design and mix. Much of the footage was originally shot in IMAX format. This was one of the first projects completed at the new solar powered sandbox in Venice, CA, and was made for Caribiner, who later became Jack Morton World Wide. [...]

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  • The Nathan Experience

    The Nathan Experience

    This is my first film, shot on Super8 while as I was in grad school at USC studying Visual Anthropology back in 1995. I am including this film because it highlights the path that I am still on and which was launched by this little project, which blends the documentary with the experimental. We had one week from concept to screening – we made 5 films. It was intense but wonderful. The boy is my nephew Nathan, who is grown [...]

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  • Dolphin Dance

    Dolphin Dance

    I loved working on this film! …and my kids loved it too. Beautiful imagery, a lovely concept, and working with the wonderful Chisa Hidaka made every moment a pleasure. I was Editor, Colorist, and music designer, mixing existing tracks, for this film.I have a personal interest in human-animal communication and was thrilled to meet Chisa and have the pleasure of spending my time soaking up the aquatic ballet, compelling interactions, and mesmerizing imagery of this underwater art-dance-science poem.  Color correct [...]

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  • Growing Castleton

    Growing Castleton

    I was so fortunate to partake in the Castleton Music Festival in the summer of 2009. This Festival, organized by Maestro Lorin Maazel and his wonderful wife Dietlinda, brings together young and aspiring artists under a six week tutelage under the baton on Maazel. Opera singers, set-designers, sound engineers, musicians and ///////// get a chance to rehearse and perform operas and ballads that are otherwise reserved for the more established and renowned artist. During my 2 weeks in VA that [...]

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