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  • Kessler multi-axis time-lapse #1

    Kessler multi-axis time-lapse #1

    On a spectacular high desert dry lake bed I was experimenting with Kessler‘s multi-axis motion control potential. I knew where and when the moon would rise and planned a 5 hour shot that would sweep across the desert, revealing the moon rise as the camera dollied, panned and tilted into position. I’ve shot thousands of time-lapse moments over the past 15 years, learning how to absorb the surrounding and make reasonable predictions about what future events might unfold, including predicting [...]

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  • Mammoth Kessler Motion Control Time-lapse

    Mammoth Kessler Motion Control Time-lapse

    These are some tests of a new formula for the Kessler Motion Control System I’ve been working on -  up in Mammoth Lakes. Lots more to come on this process and the results, as well as the low down on how it works.                       here is a movie of the rig in motion: 20110904_Mammoth_NightA_DocTL_xmp15_LG_thesandbox

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  • sandbox time-lapse reel ’06

    sandbox time-lapse reel ’06

    This is my old time-lapse reel from way back in 2006. I’ve not updated it in part due to the amazing projects that have kept me busy in the past 5 years, but also because my old site was flash based, which was a huge pain in the ass to update! I think the decision to make the new site blog based will make updating much smoother. New reels will be appearing now that the blog is up and running [...]

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  • Downtown LA Kessler time-lapse

    Downtown LA Kessler time-lapse

    Some initial tests with Kessler Motion Control gear – Revolution Head, Cineslider initial experiments with using 3 controllers – one for each axis – much more on this to come in future posts. This was also the first round of tests with the Redrock micro3D SxS rig for stereoscopic shooting on the Kessler. Stuart Sperling was there to collaborate with, and being the stereo head that his is, gave me a crash course in stereoscopic principles, and our first motion [...]

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