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  • 1. NOVA Spy Factory – Opening

    1. NOVA Spy Factory – Opening

    Spy Factory Summary – The Spy Factory examines the ironic circumstances that unfolded in the years and days prior to the 911 attacks, with an emphasis on the technologies behind data collection, processing and interpretation used and what changes are being made to address the security failings. While US agencies were on the lookout for Al Qaeda, the 911 hijackers traveled freely in the US, often living and traveling using their own names, names that in many cases were on [...]

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  • 2. NOVA Spy Factory – Yemen

    2. NOVA Spy Factory – Yemen

    YEMEN – BIN LADEN’S HIDEOUT In an excerpt from The Spy Factory (NOVA), NSA analysts track Bin Laden’s calls to a house in Sana’a, Yemen, tucked away in one of the poorest neighborhoods. The film crew made the trek to Yemen to capture some fantastic original material, including the actual Bin Laden hideout. Though they got the shots, the vibe was tense at times, especially at the Bin Laden house, and their local fixed came unglued sensing they had been [...]

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  • 3. NOVA Spy Factory – FBI Malaysia

    3. NOVA Spy Factory – FBI Malaysia

    FBI – CIA Communication Breakdown – Bin Laden operatives were traced to Malaysia, where they were monitored, revealing that one had a visa to enter the US. A CIA official will not allow the information to be shared with the FBI in the US – an astonishing revelation that could have changed the outcome of 911 had it been shared. Mark Rossini, a former FBI Supervisory Agent, shares a personally agonizing account of how he followed the rules, though wishes [...]

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  • 4. NOVA Spy Factory – FBI CHRONOLOGY

    4. NOVA Spy Factory – FBI CHRONOLOGY

    THE FBI’S HI-JACKER CHRONOLOGY – Basic, Logical, Investigation… Since a CIA official would not allow information uncovered in Malaysia about Bin Laden operatives to be shared with domestic FBI in the US, the would-be hi-jackers arrived safely and moved about freely in the US, even using their own names. Mark Rossini, a former FBI Supervisory Agent, who wishes he had broken the rules and shared the information, reads the hi-jacker chronology, pieced together after 911. Rossini outlines how the information [...]

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  • 5. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA’s Blind Spot

    5. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA’s Blind Spot

    “ONE OF BIGGEST IRONIES IN HISTORY OF US INTELLIGENCE…” This excerpt is one of the most fascinating. Here we discover the hijacker’s final summit on the eve of 911 was held at a small hotel in Laurel, Maryland, the same small town which the NSA calls home. Less than two miles from NSA headquarters, author Bamford notes that then NSA director Jim Haden could have almost seen the hotel in which the hijackers were living from his 8th floor window. [...]

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  • Porsche – YOU

    Porsche – YOU

    This video was made for the launch of the Porsche 996. I was the editor – back when we did the old AVID offline and traditional online dog and pony show.

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  • Dreams – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

    Dreams – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

    DREAMS sound-scape (AUDIO) Natural History Museum of Los Angeles 2005 Dreams was the final room of LA: Light/Motion/Dreams, enveloping the visitor in images and a musical environment sound-scape, drawn from local dialogue, perspective, beats and rhythms. Images projected across the room bathed the floors and visitors in color and light, creating a calm space. I loved making this room. It was literally an assignment of taking a white room and filling it with the sounds and images that people would [...]

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  • Light – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

    Light – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

     I made this short film for the Natural Museum of History of Los Angeles, as part of the 2005 exhibit: LA: Light/Motion/Dreams  Please click here to see and read much more about the exhibit including video and stills from some of the other installations.  In this image it is possible to see just how the mirrors made a large refracted sphere – an optical illusion – as part of the Light and the Motion rooms in this exhibit. My daughter [...]

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  • Conversations: LA/Leiden – Nature and the City

    Conversations: LA/Leiden – Nature and the City

    Think of it like this – take some of the greatest artists and turn them loose in a science clubhouse – mix it all up and see what happens. This was one of my favorite projects. The “conversations” referred to are those between artists and scientists. While we sometimes think of them residing in different camps, this film puts them in the same playground… where shared spheres of creativity and curiosity are exposed and celebrated. All are heavy hitters in [...]

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  • Paper or Plastic

    Paper or Plastic

    PARADIGM SHIFT – This short film was created as a “proof of concept” for a feature film we hope to make using this message, style, and framework. NOTE – some elements are not supported by the team anymore, but still live in this cut, though will be changed – examples include using corn to make bioplastic – which has more problems than benefits.I was approached by Jimmy Wardell back in 2005 and asked to edit a short promo to help [...]

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  • Chateuville Montage

    Chateuville Montage

    Behind the Scenes with Lorin Maazel and The Castleton Music Festival This is a short visual poem about the Festival (seen in more detail in Growing Castleton, the final film). I threw this edit together in one long night, simply meant to share selects with the client, yet I still like the feel and look of it. It was also meant to prove to value of filming with the Canon 5DMark2 for this and future projects. I am presenting it [...]

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  • thesandbox (trailer)

    thesandbox (trailer)

    thesandbox is a short sample of a feature doc that explores the desert. The name for the film and our company came to me on a great desert outing, realizing that both are a place of play. 5 character portraits, each having a unique connection to the deserts of CA and Utah, but unified in the depth of that bond. Through their tales, the greatness of the desert unfolds. In this sample, the desert tortoise speaks through Tim Sheilds, an [...]

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  • The Woodmans – WINNER Tribeca 2010

    The Woodmans – WINNER Tribeca 2010

    “Delicately constructed, marvelous to look at and poignantly elegiac.” – John Anderson, Variety   The Woodmans is the first independent feature doc from 11-time Emmy Award winning director Scott Willis. I was the Colorist and Online Editor. Neil Barrett was DP and Producer, Jeff Werner was Editor and Producer, and Ekin Akalin was Art Director. Full Credits are available at the PBS Independent Lens website. AWARDS: Tribeca Film Festival – Best New York Documentary – 2010Official Selection – Silverdocs 2010Gotham [...]

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  • 24/7 Airport – Opening

    24/7 Airport – Opening

    This hour long documentary was one of a 3-part series produced by JWM for Discovery/TLC’s “adrenaline rush hour”. My great friend, Neil Barrett, invited me, my wife, and our new baby, Una, to DC for the project. He flexed his masterful diplomacy and somehow gained extraordinary access to JFK airport’s 50 departments. We busted our butts on this project. Neil and I met in Visual Anthropology grad school, and bringing that perspective, we saw the airport as an international crossroads, [...]

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  • 6. NOVA Spy Factory – Bush Wiretapping

    6. NOVA Spy Factory – Bush Wiretapping

    Secret Re-writing of Laws This excerpt outlines the Bush administration’s secret re-writing of FISA laws, laws which require a warrant to listen in on Americans. Now there was a license to listen to almost anything and everything. My Role – I was the editor, colorist, visual effects supervisor, online editor, and also shot time-lapse and vfx elements for The Spy Factory. I worked very closely with the composer and effects team helping to craft the look, feel, and logic, including [...]

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  • 7. NOVA Spy Factory – Illegal Wiretapping

    7. NOVA Spy Factory – Illegal Wiretapping

    RIGHT TO PRIVACY and DATA FLOW From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to San Fransisco to AT&T This excerpt shows us how data travels around the world, with most Asian communications landing on California’s west coast. We track an email sent from Jim Bamford in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to his producer at NOVA, containing keywords that NSA super-computers are programmed to detect. Jim explains where the point for intercepting international communications should be, and how, instead, the NSA captures them once merged [...]

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  • 8. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA Turns Ear on US

    8. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA Turns Ear on US

    WHISTLE BLOWERS LISTENING TO AMERICANS In this excerpt Mark Klein, a former AT&T Technician turned whistle-blower tells how he found a splitter in a secret room at AT&T’s Regional Switching Center, making a copy of the entire internet data stream containing both international and domestic traffic. Brian Reid explains how the data collected might be searched using a “curious” piece of equipment that can be told on a moment’s notice to search for complex associations between words and phrases. Brian [...]

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  • 9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    ARE WE SAFER? In this final excerpt, David Murfee Faulk, former NSA Voice Interceptor, turned whistle-blower, tells of finding translators not meeting minimum language skills. We also hear of the US intelligence budget doubling from pre-911 days to 50 billion dollars by 2008. NSA’s portion is believed to be over 1/3rd. The balance of where foreign intelligence stops and US domestic intelligence starts is questioned. Jim Bamford points out that NSA had all the information it needed to stop the [...]

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