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Downtown LA Kessler time-lapse

Some initial tests with Kessler Motion Control gear – Revolution Head, Cineslider initial experiments with using 3 controllers – one for each axis – much more on this to come in future posts. This was also the first round of tests with the Redrock micro3D SxS rig for stereoscopic shooting on the Kessler. Stuart Sperling was there to collaborate with, and being the stereo head that his is, gave me a crash course in stereoscopic principles, and our first motion control stereoscopic 4K time-lapse shots were born. I think the time-lapse shot in this post is lovely… but if you look closely you will notice a slight bobble, which we discovered was due to the bolts mounting the Revolution head to the slider that had worked themselves loose. There are so many things to consider with such a complex setup… -  I don’t think I’ll let that one bite me again. Though I still like the shot. It was such a gorgeous morning.

Notice the cool Anton/Bauer solar charging system in the background.



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