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24/7 Airport – Animals

This is a short section from 24/7:Airport, an hour long documentary which was one of a 3-part series produced by JWM for Discovery/TLC’s “adrenaline rush hour”. My great friend, Neil Barrett, invited me, my wife, and our new baby, Una, to DC for the project. He flexed his masterful diplomacy and somehow gained extraordinary access to JFK airport’s 50 departments. We busted our butts on this project.

Neil and I met in Visual Anthropology grad school, and bringing that perspective, we saw the airport as an international crossroads, full of human drama, humor and tragedy. We were blessed to have Matt Hill join us as composer, and were able to entice him to leave the UK and join us for several months on this side of the pond. We worked so tightly together that it was really the only way – and such fun we had. hard… but fun. The film is practically one long music video, but with great range – and he wrote it all… what a genius. Some of his work can be found here:

Discovery / TLC loved it and had planned to run it in sweeps week. Then 9/11 happened… and our Airplane/ NY focused tale, featuring epic scenes of the twin towers, was downscaled and quietly shown the following year. That was painful…

I’ll be uploading more sections soon. Lots of fun bits to share.

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