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FUEL – WINNER Sundance 2008

FUEL is a film about alternative fuel and how your choice of fuel has huge political, social, cultural and health ramifications. FUEL won the Sundance Best Documentary Audience Award (2008) with 11 standing ovations at the 11 screenings.

Being a Co-Producer on FUEL was a thrilling experience; the chance to dive into something you really care about and see it find an energized audience is exactly what I am in this game for. I was first brought into the project in Dec of 2007, right after the film was invited to open the Sundance Film Festival. Darius Fisher (DNA) invited me to partner with him on finishing the film and we moved it into thesandbox, which felt very appropriate to be finishing FUEL using solar power! We had three workstations working running off a SAN. I put in my all, and much of that year was FUEL focused. Even while I was cutting in VA for The Spy Factory, thesandbox studio was being used by Darius for significant revisions to FUEL.


• Sundance Winner  – Best Documentary Audience Award (2008)
• Academy Award Shortlist
• Sedona Film Festival: Best Screenwriting
• Sedona Film Festival: Most Compelling Documentary
• AFI Dallas Film Festival: Current Energy Environmental Award
• GAIA Film Festival: Audience Award for Best Documentary
• Santa Cruz Film Festival: Producer’s Award
• IVCA Clarion Award: for Corporate Social Responsibility

“Robert Redford said that ‘FUEL’ has an important
message and that Sundance was the place to launch
it. We love this film.” Geoff Gilmore – Sundance Film Festival

“Fuel is a vital, superbly assembled documentary…doesn’t dwell on muckraking, however; it’s more focused on broadly inspiring viewers than preaching to the converted….Smartly animated interstitials, memorable archival material and a lively soundtrack round out the fast-paced proceedings.”
“Dynamic and persuasive. It’s a must-see, and not just for environmentalists.”
“….FUEL addresses the issues of alternative energy and biofuels with its own kind of forward momentum….the films’ sentiments are clean and very, very green. Tickell knows how to grab an audience that’s either indifferent or disinclined to partake of the debate over America’s oil dependence and makes the substantial point that reliance on the Middle East and OPEC makes the country more vulnerable than it would be if it moved into alternative fuels. “Oil is the lifeblood of our society,” he says, before mounting a good argument about why that doesn’t have to be.”
“….If you are a fan of An Inconvenient Truth, SICKO, or any Michael Moore-esque film than you are going to love this film. It urges the power of the vote, the power of change, and the power of you. You have the momentum to make certain changes that can impact this world. We are currently in a war where most Americans think it is for the control of oil. This film just gives the voice that this war is not needed and we do not need oil – we can use biodiesel fuel made from corn, wood chips, algae and alleviate the pressure we put on this earth.
Final say: watch the film, learn from it, and make it happen.”
“Sweeping and exhilarating, Tickell’s passionate film goes beyond great storytelling; it rings out like a bell that stirs consciousness and makes individual action suddenly seem consequential.” SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL



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