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Growing Castleton

I was so fortunate to partake in the Castleton Music Festival in the summer of 2009. This Festival, organized by Maestro Lorin Maazel and his wonderful wife Dietlinda, brings together young and aspiring artists under a six week tutelage under the baton on Maazel. Opera singers, set-designers, sound engineers, musicians and ///////// get a chance to rehearse and perform operas and ballads that are otherwise reserved for the more established and renowned artist.

During my 2 weeks in VA that summer I worked closely with DP Neil Barrett . While Neil filmed first camera, I got to explore and experiment with the new Canon 5DMark2 …….. and ended up with some very intimate and interesting bits as this was such a non-intrusive piece of equipment. Most of the clips in this piece are taken during performances with a fully packed audience watching. I managed to ……………



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