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Motion – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

This piece was part of the 2005 year-long installation called: LA: Light/Motion/Dreams. There were a total of eight rooms in this exhibition, each with video and audio installations, all of which I had some hand in.

Unique exhibit formats were used throughout, with an especially captivating design format for the short films looking at LA through the prisms of Light and Motion. While it is complicated to display these experiential installations here, a few still can help visualize.

fractal butterflies         fractal LA buildings         fractal Olvera St dancer
In brief, the rooms were about 14ft wide by 20 deep and made of mirrors. A rear screen projection was fed into the back wall creating a spectacular 3D kaleidoscopic effect resulting in a 30′ 3D sphere, where one could physically look “around” the sphere. I worked with a prototype kaleida box for many months in my studio to select images that would properly “activate” the sphere.

fractal girls at watts towers         fractal surfer         fractal dancer

Even though we filmed in SD, the mirror effect extended the resolution – resulting very crisp and clean massive image. The exhibition ran for an entire year, culminating in a night of LA:Remixed, where audio and video artists re-mixed the installations including XXX, XXX, and I remixed the Motion room live using a Wacom tablet monitor to scrub video ( a crude vj setup). It was a groovy LA happening and a lot of fun. XXX wandered around filming, mixing images, and projecting from his one man rig. You can also hear a soundscape I created from original music, audio samples and fx, and samples from interviews for the show and from on-the-street interviews I conducted around LA, from 6th and Broadway, to Sunset Blvd, to Watts residents, to my Venice neighbors.

fractal Disney Hall
fractal LA freewaysThis was the first of many collaborations with Peter Kirby, Vanda Vitali, Francios Confino, and Ben Rogers, and was a fantastic experience. While not commanding the fees of other video work I had been accustomed to, the rewards were deep and the personnel involved were such a pleasure to work with. I especially enjoyed filming on the streets of LA with Angelinos. When asked what it was for, I would reply that it was their soapbox, and people felt free to give intimate answers – no product was being sold, which changed the dynamic compared to standard media. I conducted   many interviews as audio only, which encouraged a more intimate conversation. fractal LA matrathon runners Gus Koven (stimümng) did the lovely sound design for Motion, and I did the music and sound design for the others. George Mays spent a lot of time roaming LA with me at the Watts Towers, LAX, downtown in the rain, and many other places for almost no pay. We had a great time and his help was invaluable – some of his amazing footage of surfers, skateboarders and more are in the piece. Thanks George!!



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