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Porsche Cayenne – Dreams

I edited, color corrected and finished this short film created for the Porsche Cayenne launch, originally projected at the 2003 LA Auto Show. Lance Richter was the Producer, Chris Do the Graphic Designer, and Larry Embry did sound design and mix. Much of the footage was originally shot in IMAX format. This was one of the first projects completed at the new solar powered sandbox in Venice, CA, and was made for Caribiner, who later became Jack Morton World Wide. Lance and I made more than 50 videos for Porsche over a 10 year period.

Did the world really need another SUV? One of my favorite tales from another Cayenne launch video we made – The Cayenne was born from an impressive racing pedigree: In 1986 a jacked up, modified Porsche 911 (to 959 specs) raced the classic off-road Paris-Dakar Rally from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal – - they placed in 1st and 2nd and their mechanic car placed 6th (or something like that)! So they had the chops.




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