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  • 8. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA Turns Ear on US

    8. NOVA Spy Factory – NSA Turns Ear on US

    WHISTLE BLOWERS LISTENING TO AMERICANS In this excerpt Mark Klein, a former AT&T Technician turned whistle-blower tells how he found a splitter in a secret room at AT&T’s Regional Switching Center, making a copy of the entire internet data stream containing both international and domestic traffic. Brian Reid explains how the data collected might be searched using a “curious” piece of equipment that can be told on a moment’s notice to search for complex associations between words and phrases. Brian [...]

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  • 9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    9. NOVA Spy Factory – Conclusion

    ARE WE SAFER? In this final excerpt, David Murfee Faulk, former NSA Voice Interceptor, turned whistle-blower, tells of finding translators not meeting minimum language skills. We also hear of the US intelligence budget doubling from pre-911 days to 50 billion dollars by 2008. NSA’s portion is believed to be over 1/3rd. The balance of where foreign intelligence stops and US domestic intelligence starts is questioned. Jim Bamford points out that NSA had all the information it needed to stop the [...]

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  • Time-lapse in the Mojave Desert

    Time-lapse in the Mojave Desert

    check back for details…

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  • Downtown LA Kessler time-lapse

    Downtown LA Kessler time-lapse

    Some initial tests with Kessler Motion Control gear – Revolution Head, Cineslider initial experiments with using 3 controllers – one for each axis – much more on this to come in future posts. This was also the first round of tests with the Redrock micro3D SxS rig for stereoscopic shooting on the Kessler. Stuart Sperling was there to collaborate with, and being the stereo head that his is, gave me a crash course in stereoscopic principles, and our first motion [...]

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  • Stereoscopic 3D motion control time-lapse experiments

    Stereoscopic 3D motion control time-lapse experiments

      Some of the experiments in 3D time-lapse from an article I’ve been working on for Outdoor Photographer will be found here. The rig seen here is the Kessler Motion Control System, Marshall 24″ 3D monitor, Zeiss lenses, and Anton/Bauer power.

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