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Kessler multi-axis time-lapse #1

On a spectacular high desert dry lake bed I was experimenting with Kessler‘s multi-axis motion control potential. I knew where and when the moon would rise and planned a 5 hour shot that would sweep across the desert, revealing the moon rise as the camera dollied, panned and tilted into position. I’ve shot thousands of time-lapse moments over the past 15 years, learning how to absorb the surrounding and make reasonable predictions about what future events might unfold, including predicting what interval, shutter speed and frame interval might work best. Working with a multi-axis system increased the variables more than I expected. I would imagine and program dynamic moves, with a hoped for added perspective and dimensionality, which would at times result in a diminishing of the moment, instead of the magic I hoped for. How fast should the camera slide, pan, and tilt? And in what way would these happen relative to the direction of light, shadow, or moving objects? As my brain and gut internalized these new variables, I found the results more and more approximating my dreams. This video is the first successful multi-axis time-lapse shot I made with the Kessler Motion Control System in a beautiful location – I was thrilled. I had cracked the code. And what an amazing place! Rimmed with mountains, eagles in the air, and even home to a band of wild mustangs…  wow.






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