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sandbox time-lapse reel ’06

This is my old time-lapse reel from way back in 2006. I’ve not updated it in part due to the amazing projects that have kept me busy in the past 5 years, but also because my old site was flash based, which was a huge pain in the ass to update! I think the decision to make the new site blog based will make updating much smoother. New reels will be appearing now that the blog is up and running after many months in the making. In the past, I’ve not been aggressive about spreading my time-lapse work around, but rather chose to reserve it for museum installations and issue/eco films and personal projects. That has changed this year. I have partnered with Getty Images and Thought Equity and will be sharing more of my work and process on this blog. I am also writing a 3-part time-lapse article for Outdoor Photographer and have been exploring the tremendous innovations in time-lapse gear and post tools that have ramped up in recent years. I tend to pour myself into these articles, and have been on this one for 10 months so far, with a bit to go as part 3 is under way. I’ll be sharing a lot of my observations and experiments on this blog. The new tools have gotten my juices flowing. The most significant tool that inspires me to reach beyond is the Kessler Motion Control gear – including the Cineslider, Oracle Controller, and Revolution Head. I’ll be sharing lots of Kessler experiments, results, tips, and tutorials – look for these in the LAB section.



"we are the music-makers
and we are the
dreamers of dreams".