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Dreams – LA: Light/Motion/Dreams

DREAMS sound-scape (AUDIO)

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles 2005

Dreams was the final room of LA: Light/Motion/Dreams, enveloping the visitor in images and a musical environment sound-scape, drawn from local dialogue, perspective, beats and rhythms. Images projected across the room bathed the floors and visitors in color and light, creating a calm space. I loved making this room. It was literally an assignment of taking a white room and filling it with the sounds and images that people would want to become immersed in. Making the song was very much about telling a story that people would want to listen to. And a tone. A tune. We were so busy with the other rooms, that by the time we got to this one, there were only a few days left before the exhibit’s opening – and the walls were still white and the speakers silent. With limited time, I had to go with my gut about what would work, and drew upon images and sounds that had been collected in the months prior, putting it all together rather intuitively. People seemed to enjoy it. I know I did. The observer became a participant in the Dream exhibit, interacting with the images directly, or allowing the images to wash over the body and be swallowed into the walls, floors and seats. People often relaxed into the room to hear the whole tale.




Please see more about the LA: Light/Motion/Dreams exhibit here.



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"we are the music-makers
and we are the
dreamers of dreams".